Q. My windows will not shut and are drafty?

A. It is more than likely that the hinges have failed and will need replacing.

Q. My door will not lock ?

A. It will either need adjusting or the mechanism will need replacing due to failure.

Q. I have condensation inside my double glazed window?

A. These will have to be replaced.

Q. Can i upgrade my double glazing to make it thermally efficient?

A. Yes if you replace just the glass we can upgrade you to a B rating. But if you have both the glass and frames replaced this will upgrade you to an A rating.

Q. Are my new windows, doors or conservatory guaranteed?

A. Yes they will be covered by a ten year insurance backed guarantee as well as our own workmanship guarantee that covers all aspects of the product and installation. This is available on request.

Q. What is secured by design?

A.  Secured by design is a police approved product which will give an added sense of security and may also give you discount on your insurance through many insurance companies.

Q. Will you charge me for a security check on my windows and doors?

A. No we will not.

Q. Do you charge a call out fee?

A. No we do not charge an initial call out fee.